New Post Up on Networking!

If you haven’t been over to my new site yet (Building Your Writing and Speaking Platform), I’ve got a new post up!

It’s all about how to get other people to help you with your networking/marketing efforts, and it’s super practical. Take a look:

Getting Known


I’ve Moved the Blog–Head On Over for Some Free Printables!

Hi everybody!

I do appreciate you following my blog as we talk about how to build a speaking ministry, and I’ve decided that this year I’m going to put more effort into growing my training, so I purchased a self-hosted website and decided to expand my teaching to include writing and blogging.

You can find me over at Building a Writing and Speaking Platform!

And I’ve got a new post up on how to identify people in your network who can help you expand your ministry. And it’s got free printables, too!

Influencer List

I’ll be taking down the older posts on this blog, but they’re all over at the new one. So please visit Writing and Speaking Platform for all the training on growing your speaking and writing ministry that you’ll need.


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