Use Your Words: Building with Kids Underfoot

Today on Use Your Words, my BlogTalkRadio show through Christian Women Affiliate, we were talking about how to build your ministry when you’re primarily a mom! How do you balance your responsibilities, and how do you find time and energy to actually get some work done?

We were joined by Kimberley Chastain, the Christian Working Mom’s coach, who had some great things to say to us.

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If you are primarily a stay at home mom, then you’ll know the stress that comes with trying to build your ministry as you balance your main responsibilities. So let me summarize a bit of what we talked about, and leave you with do’s and don’ts:

1. DO realize that most SAHMs today are also WAHMs. And that demographic is growing! When you hear statistics that 85% of moms with kids under 3 work, realize that’s a false statistic. It doesn’t mean that 85% of moms leave the home from 9-5 everyday. That 85% includes anyone who reports an income on their income tax form.

So if you sell Mary Kay, you’re counted as working. If you speak at a few Christian Women’s Clubs events, you’re counted as working. Even if you yourself wouldn’t consider yourself working, but consider yourself home with your kids, the government is now classifying you that way.

Why does that matter? Just so that you know that you are not alone. Many millions of women with small children are working to earn even just a few hundred dollars a month to help with the family’s income. But you’re still honouring your primary responsibility, and that’s a good thing.

2. DO try to set aside “kid” time and “work” time. One of the mistakes I would often make is that as soon as the kids were quiet for a bit, I’d try to go get some work done. Then I’d be in the “groove”, and all of a sudden they wouldn’t be quiet anymore. That made me grumpy, which in turn made them grumpy. Kids need to be kids. Instead of trying to snatch five minutes here and there (which rarely works), try to carve out longer periods. Make it a rule that every afternoon during naptime you get two hours to yourself. When kids stop napping, insist they have quiet time in their room.

Or start getting up earlier, or taking an hour and a half after dinner while hubby gets the kids. Perhaps take one evening a week that is entirely yours. We tend to get more done in these extended periods, and then in the time that we’re not working we can focus on the kids.

3. DON’T expect that you will be as productive when the kids are younger as you will be as they are older. I sure wasn’t. But I did little things which grew my ministry, so that as they grew and I had more time, I had a ministry I could walk into. Do what you can, and know that little things do not go to waste.

4. DON’T assume that you can’t get anything done because they’re young, either! Make use of the time that you do have to plan talks, figure out how to create a website, or get a newsletter going. No, you won’t work as fast when they’re younger, but as you do little things, you get to know the industry better. You know what you will need to spend time on. You prepare yourself for what is coming.

If you haven’t listened in to the show, I encourage you to do so! Remember that every Tuesday at noon EST we talk how to build your ministry! Next week I’m addressing the question I get most frequently: “Can I really make a living at this?”. I’ll show you how you can–and also why it can be difficult! Check for the show here, or sign up to be reminded! And remember, you can always listen to the downloads after the fact.

Let me know what you want me to talk about in upcoming weeks! I love answering your questions!


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